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Spring, the season of rejuvenation, has finally arrived, and many commercial and residential property owners will soon be searching for local rooftop and terrace garden maintenance services to revive their landscapes. Just because you don’t have a natural green thumb or the time to tend to a beautiful rooftop garden yourself, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be able to reap the benefits of owning one. Professional landscaping companies are instrumental to enhancing your garden; all you have to do is tell them what you want and they’ll take care of the rest.

How Landscapers Can Beautify Your Rooftop Garden

When you hire a local, professional landscaper to tend to your terrace garden, you can rest assured that your plants are in very capable and experienced hands. Here are a few ways a landscaper can enhance the aesthetics of your commercial or residential rooftop garden.

Selecting the Right Greenery

A well-known trade secret is that not all plants can thrive in every type of environment. It takes a real expert to know how different climates and environmental factors can affect your plants and their chances of survival. Consulting with local landscaping professionals puts you at a great advantage because they can recommend they right type of greenery that’s appropriate for your terrain, your locale, and your property.

Appropriate Sun Exposure

Not all plants require an equal amount of sun exposure. In fact, overexposure to the sun can actually be detrimental to the health of most shade-friendly plants, like black lilies and bluebells. They can develop diseases that’ll inevitably spread to your other plants. On the other hand, plants like Russian sage and lavender can only flourish with consistent exposure to the sun. Before any planting can begin, your landscaper should draw up a detailed blueprint to give you a general idea of what your garden will look like and how each plant is strategically placed.

Watering Plants

There are four important things to be mindful of when watering plants: how much, how often, the technique you’re using, and the time of day. Not all plants require the same amount of water; some need copious amounts of water to quench their thirst while others can survive off of being watered just once a week. As general rules of thumb, plants should be watered in the morning so they can absorb as much moisture as possible, and you should aim directly for the roots instead of sprinkling water all over the leaves.

Leave Sufficient Space between Plants

Most plants are very selfish organisms. They don’t like to share resources, and they always need their own space. For inexperienced gardeners, it can be hard to determine just how much space between plants is enough. If the plants are placed too far away, your rooftop garden paradise could look incomplete. If they’re placed too close to one another, they could easily spread diseases, steal each other’s plant food or water, or their roots could become entangled and suffocate one another. Strategic plant placement is best left to the specialists.

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