daffodils with morning dew

Spring is typically the perfect time of year to revamp your entire outdoor space to make it look more aesthetically pleasing, soothing, and inviting to your guests. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate your commercial or residential property, there’s nothing quite like refreshing your space by adding beautiful, bright, and bold colours to your spring garden. Another popular trend is to add some ornamental grass your landscaping! If you’re unsure of what types of flowers you can integrate into your summer landscaping plan this year to brighten up your property, then check out the list of suggestions below!


Although daylilies aren’t technically lilies, they still have the ability to enhance the beauty of your garden. These perennial beauties have a very short lifespan and only bloom for 24 hours before closing back up, but they’re breathtakingly beautiful specimens to behold when they’re in their prime. Popular amongst gardeners of all levels, daylilies have the capacity to attract a variety of butterflies and birds, which are essential to helping your garden flourish.


Daffodils are perennials that come in many different varieties. Some of them exude lovely fragrances that are used to make perfumes while others exhibit stunning hues that can liven up any outdoor space. These plants are generally low maintenance and grow anywhere from the beginning months of spring until late summer.


Tulips are a springtime staple in many regions and are generally known for their striking beauty, resilience against rough weather conditions, and versatility. They’re available in practically every colour of the rainbow and can even be bred to grow in multiple colours simultaneously. Whether you plant them in your front yard or include them in your wedding bouquet, these gorgeous flowers are an excellent addition to any flowerbed or arrangement.


Peonies come in a multitude of colours, heights, and varieties including herbaceous, tree, and intersectional. This means there’s a type of peony that’s suitable for every garden and taste. For the most part, these plants thrive when they receive optimal direct sun exposure, so be sure to make them the focal point of your garden!


Dahlias typically bloom any time from July to September and can withstand slightly cooler temperatures. There are over 40 different species of dahlias, some of which grow extremely tall and others that tend to stay closer to the ground. This versatility grants avid gardeners more options when it comes to creating different levels of depth and interesting colour combinations.


Coneflowers offer a wide range of benefits, making them every gardener’s dream! They produce vibrant colours and can survive for many months even under very low maintenance garden care routines. As an added bonus, they also attract pollinators, birds, and other insects that are beneficial to helping your outdoor space thrive.

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