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In general, mulching has a number of benefits that can help boost the overall health and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Choosing organic mulch as opposed to inorganic mulch also makes a very big difference in the quality and lifespan of your vegetation and plants.

One of the main reasons for organic mulching is that it’s far more environmentally friendly and it gives you more options. You can make organic mulch at home using materials you find in your own backyard such as leaves, tree bark, grass clippings, pine needles, woodchips, etc. Inorganic mulch, on the other hand, is composed of artificial ingredients such as rubber, black plastic, and gravel.

If you’re ever in doubt in terms of what type of mulch is most advantageous for your outdoor space, go with one that primarily contains naturally occurring ingredients in your region.

Organic Mulch Decomposes Over Time

Not only does organic mulch naturally enrich your soil with all of the necessary essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to produce healthy plants and greenery, but it also prevents the soil from becoming compacted due to inclement weather conditions and exterior forces. It also helps retain sufficient oxygen levels within your soil so that your plants are able to breathe and absorb nutrients. Considering most organic mulches are biodegradable and naturally sourced from local regions, they will eventually break down and decompose on their own without having to be removed.

Environmentally Friendly

It’s best to either make your own mulch or purchase one that’s locally sourced, as they can easily be reintegrated back into your local ecosystem without disturbing its natural balance. Organic mulching also promotes creating greater biodiversity in your garden so that your soil can support a wider variety of plants and greenery.

Prevents Erosion from Too Much Moisture

While one of the main benefits of using organic mulch is to help your soil retain some level of moisture, it also absorbs a great deal of the excess water from heavy precipitation and prevents your vegetation from becoming waterlogged. Organic mulches also naturally absorb runoff water that could otherwise seep into local water supplies.

Boosts Aesthetic Appeal and Ambience of Outdoor Space

Since organic mulches contain natural materials that are locally sourced, they typically exude calming aromas and have bright, bold hues that create a beautiful ambience for any outdoor space. Regular maintenance is a crucial part of beautifying both residential and commercial properties and organic mulching can help you establish a sustainable garden that appeals to you and your visitors. Adding mulch can also can emphasize a fresh look and it can help fill in large gaps when plans need time to grow in order to fill that certain spot.

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