De-Icing and Snow Melting Services in Brampton

As a commercial property owner, finding the right de-icing and snow melting service in Brampton should be a top priority this winter in Ontario. With fluctuating temperatures and flash freezes, we see frequent icy situations on parking lots and walkways of commercial properties.

The use of traditional bulk rock salt is declining as treated rock salt is trending as the superstar for the season’s de-icing conditions. Its powerful components give superb results without the harsh problems of regular rock salt.

What Is Treated Rock Salt?

Treated rock salt contains what we know as regular sodium chloride rock salt combined with magnesium chloride, an organic-based performance enhancer, and a dye. These components are less corrosive, stronger, and quicker when tackling ice. Each of the additives offer its own unique properties.

A corrosion inhibitor helps to protect asphalt, concrete, wood, and metal surfaces as well as prohibits any damage to nearby structures. The performance enhancer stops the treated rock salt from seeping through the ground surface and prevents runs-offs. A biodegradable dye stimulates the melting performance while providing a visible colour of what surfaces are treated.

Benefits of Using Treated Salt for De-Icing Commercial Properties

The treated rock salt can be used in all winter conditions and under a range of temperatures, including sub-zero digits. Professional salting and de-icing contractors in Brampton use the treated rock salt on commercial properties for a number of safe and effective reasons.

Melting Performance Is High

With magnesium chloride, an enhanced performance additive, the treated rock salt works faster than regular bulk rock salt for a better response time to developing icy conditions. As a mineral compound, the salt is highly water-soluble, prohibiting any corrosive damage. The melting performance produces excessive heat to dissolve ice and snow rapidly.

It Is Time- and Cost-Saving

When you hire a commercial snow removal service in Brampton that uses treated rock salt, consider it an investment in your commercial property as it can save you money. The powerful treated rock salt offers efficiency with every use, thereby forfeiting the need to invest in countless reapplications of regular rock salt.

Low Impact on the Environment

Despite the term “treated”, this type of rock salt is an environmentally friendly method of a de-icer. The enhanced performing additives protect the integrity of the ground surface. The chemical additive of magnesium chloride is commonly used in fertilizers that promote the health and protection of plants. This can help reduce the risk of damage to plants on the property.

Salts Are Coloured to Indicate Their Use

Traditional rock salt often is applied as white crystals, which can be hard to see on snow and icy surfaces. Treated rock salt has the special dye additives to provide a better visual aid as to what surfaces have had the salt applied on. This can help in reducing usage (waste) over previous treated surfaces.

Used for All Types of De-Icing Applications

Treated rock salt is a top contender for most de-icing applications. The composition of the salt allows for better attachment to the ground surface with less risk of being scattered or bounced off the surface when applied or travelled on. It can be used on highways, streets, parking lots, sidewalks, steps, and ramps.

Corrosion Inhibitor

As a safe and effective de-icer, treated rock salt can be safely applied to various surfaces. The corrosive inhibitor of the salt extends the lifespan of the applying equipment, asphalt surfaces, concrete or brick-based structures, and vehicles.

How to De-Ice Your Commercial Property

When it comes to winter property maintenance, knowing how to de-ice your property safely and effectively can save time, money, and effort. The first step is to have a solid plan for icy conditions on the commercial property. This should be included in the property’s long-term winter maintenance plan and may involve hiring professional winter services.

There may be times between service calls when a property management team needs to provide precautionary and quick response service. Having a supply of treated rock salts can better prepare commercial properties for sudden winter storms.

Why Choose FOREVER GREEN for Your De-Icing Applications

Save money and be prepared for what winter brings with the de-icing professionals at FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. Our snow removal services for commercial properties extends to property maintenance and ice removal services. Our highly trained technicians have been servicing commercial properties in Toronto and the GTA for more than 20 years.

We monitor the weather forecast for all of our winter services and take preventative measures to prevent freeze-ups. With ice storms, we can break up and clear away parking lots, stairs, ramps, and doorways to keep your business safe.

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