Winter commercial property maintenance

Ontario is currently in the throes of the winter season. Responsible property owners have already done everything they can to prepare for the cold winter climate. Now it’s all about commercial property maintenance. It’s important to keep your property well maintained to protect it against damages caused by inclement weather conditions and freezing temperatures. Despite being in the middle of a lockdown, it’s also important to maintain your commercial property for safety reasons and to prevent injuries from occurring. To help you get through the rest of the season, we’ve put together a comprehensive winter property maintenance checklist.

Prevent Ice Dam Formations

Make sure to inspect your roof for damages regularly throughout the winter months, especially before a major storm. Old roofs with existing damages are more likely to sustain further damages under the weight of heavy ice and snow, so be sure to make the necessary repairs. Melted snow and ice on your roof will run off into the gutters, where it will eventually refreeze due to the cold temperatures.

When this happens, ice dams form in your gutters. Ice dams block your gutters from draining water runoff from melted snow and ice on your roof, which can lead to extreme structural damages and allow warm air to escape through the roof. Cleaning ice and snow off your roof and clearing your gutters can help prevent ice dam formations in the winter.

Inspect the HVAC System

You should inspect your HVAC system before winter starts and continue to do so throughout the season to make sure it’s working properly. Look for cracks in the heating system, clean out blockages in the blowers and hoses, replace the air filter as needed, pay attention to abnormal noises and smells, empty out the condensation drain traps, calibrate the thermostats, and clean out their air vents. This will ensure your HVAC system is performing efficiently throughout the winter and help keep your energy bills low.

Maintain Your Pipes

Frozen pipes can cause a great deal of expensive and potentially dangerous property damage. The water stuck inside frozen pipes expands and puts heavy pressure on the pipes, causing them to crack and eventually burst. This leads to extensive flooding and property damage, forcing you to close your business until all of the water is cleaned up and the damages are repaired. You can protect your property and your business by looking for signs of freezing on exterior pipes, repairing cracked pipes, insulating your pipes to keep heat from escaping, removing excess moisture on your pipes, and keeping the internal temperature warm.

Hire a Commercial Property Maintenance Company in the GTA

Keeping your property clean and well maintained during the winter months isn’t a one-person job. It takes a team of highly skilled professional winter property maintenance contractors to remove snow and ice, apply de-icing agents, and keep your property looking great all winter long. If you’re looking for professional commercial property maintenance in Brampton, Etobicoke, or anywhere else throughout the GTA, then you can count on FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. Contact us today to book a consultation.

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