Looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of your property? Interlocking driveways and walkways are becoming a major part of residential and commercial landscaping services—and for a good reason! Interlocking driveways and walkways are created using masonry stones such as brick, cement, and asphalt to add dimension and design to a normally plain space.

Exploring Different Styles for Interlocking Driveways and Walkways

When planning your interlocking driveway, consider the purpose of the driveway and your style preferences. There are a range of textures, colours, and designs available to not only add to the aesthetics of the property, but to also ensure its safety.

Classic Interlocking Driveways and Walkways

Classic designs are meant to be functional for foot and vehicle traffic, but also appear to the masses. The often feature some key elements:

  • Traditional brick patterns: Traditional patterns, such as herringbone or basketweave, evoke a classic yet charming feel. Certain patterns can also give a driveway a more glamourous feel.
  • Cobblestone and rustic charm: A distinctive traditional yet rustic style involves using cobblestones of various shapes and sizes. Whether it is laid with a “unformed” intent or with classic irregularities, the timeless character can be showcased.
  • Incorporating curves and borders: When installing driveways and walkways with interlocking stones, aligning the material in circular motions with distinctive bordering stones, pavers, or plants will define the area.

Contemporary Driveways and Walkways

Contemporary interlocking driveways and walkways can take a common aesthetic to a whole new level thanks to the following features:

  • Clean lines and modern simplicity: Modern sleek lines can be created with interlocking driveways and walkways thanks to large slates or pavers. Straight-lined edges and borders will provide the clean lines.
  • Geometric shapes and patterns: As interlocking stones are available in different shapes and sizes, aligning them in geometric patterns can create an eye-catching enhancement to a property. Mix up the design with colours to form checkerboard pattern.
  • Minimalistic and monochromatic designs: Using monochromatic pavers can create a minimalist design for the driveway and walkways. Add a colour or a textured stone to provide a touch of sophistication to the yard.
  • Customized interlocking driveways and walkways: For property owners who desire a whimsical or a spot of design for the contemporary interlocking style, consider using customized colours and layouts.

Combining Classic and Contemporary Elements

For a “wow” factor, property owners can combine classic and contemporary styles when designing their interlocking driveways and walkways. This includes:

  • Blending different patterns and styles: This combination can be tactfully done by blending patterns and styles that express the business or homeowner’s personality. Creating a custom design with beige stone pavers and concrete can give a unique highlight to a property.
  • Incorporating decorative elements: Use the beauty of nature to enhance the classic and contemporary combination with insets of grass throughout the stonework or as a corner or centerpiece of the interlocking driveway and walkway.

How to Maintain Your Interlocking Driveway or Walkway

Interlocking driveways and walkways requireregular care and maintenance to retain the integrity as well as the beauty of the property. Since interlocking stones are ow maintenance, simply cleaning away dirt, debris, and leaves with a broom and mild soap can help keep the stones looking “fresh”. A sealant should also be applied on an annual basis to protect the surface of the stones.

If a stone needs to be replaced, it can be removed and replaced without compromising the neighbouring pieces. 

How Much Do Interlocking Driveways and Walkways Cost for Properties in Brampton?

The costs to install interlocking driveways and walkways varies depending on the type of material used and the size of the property. Additional hardscape or softscape that are installed, such as fountains, benches, or design features will increase the total costs.

Go Green with Interlocking Pavers: Elevate Your Commercial Landscape Sustainably!

The team at FOREVER GREEN LAWN & LANDSCAPE INC. can install an interlocking driveway and/or walkway on your property to enhance its appearance and improve its functionality. Our focus is on commercial landscape sustainably in Brampton and we are pleased to offer year-round installation, care, and maintenance services. Call us today at (905) 454-0875 or fill out our contact form here.

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