Shovelling vs. Snow Blowing vs. Snowplowing: Which Should I Choose?

Despite the annual exposure to snow and ice storms, Canadians have the same concern every year—which option is better…shovelling vs. snow blowing vs. snow plowing?

Snow removal services in Toronto offer different options including using a combination of shovelling, plowing, and snow blowing services. Which snow removal method you should choose depends on a variety of factors including the costs, efficiency, and ease of use.

What Is Snow Blowing?

Snow blowing services use specialized machinery to remove snow to a depth ranging from five to 40 centimetres, depending on the type of blower used. A snow blower is available with various power sources such as gas, electric, and battery powered. Small walkways and patios can be clearing using an electric or battery-powered machine, while large driveways and sidewalks are best cleared with a gas-powered blower.

What Is Snow Plowing?

Snow plows typically have a blade attached to a small tractor or pickup truck. Hiring someone to plow the snow on your property is an effective way of clearing snow that is a depth between 2.5 cm up to 30 or more cm, depending on the size of the plow. Snow plow services may or may not offer to shovel the smaller property areas.

What Is Shovelling?

Snow shovelling services in Brampton are a cheaper option to remove snow from a property. While many property owners tackle the job themselves, others choose to hire a professional company. Having the right shovel(s) allows you to clear all the snow down to the ground. That said, large amounts of snow involving ice or heavy moisture may be too much for a shovel.

Factors to Consider for Shovelling, Snow Blowing, and Snow Plowing

art of clearing snow is serious business here in Ontario. There are vital factors to consider when planning to use shovelling, snow blowing, and snow plowing services. With unpredictable winters and historical storms, it is helpful to be prepared.

Snow Removal Time

Time is a critical factor for homeowners and commercial property managers in terms of snow clearing. Preparing a safe property for employees and customers is essential. Shovelling a yard can take time but can be done immediately, especially if done by the property owner. Snow blowing and plowing provide quick turnaround with a small amount of time needed for shovelling tight spaces.

Property Size Needs

The size of the property is one of the major factors to consider, especially if the targeted yard or lot is large. Shovelling can be done in small areas but not great for larger spaces. Snow blowing is beneficial for medium-sized lots that have a straight pathway. A snowplow can handle larger driveways and parking lots.

Cost of Service

The cost of snow removal service plays a major role, especially for smaller properties. Shovelling services are by far the cheaper option in terms of budgeting. Snow blowing and plowing services are an investment, depending on the type of removal contract agreed upon. Professional companies offer pay-per-storm options and winter maintenance contracts.

Added Features

Other comparisons with shovelling versus snow blowing versus snow plowing can include the physical exertion demanded from each option. Shovelling is good exercise when done properly but is a huge contributor to heart attacks in the winter months. Using a self-propelled snow blower or a driven snowplow is better for a person’s physical health.

Choose the Snow Removal Solution That’s Right for You!

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Shovelling vs. Snow Blowing vs. Snowplowing: Which Should I Choose? Forever Green Lawn and Landscape Inc 2023-02-14 05:14:04 Ontario winters can bring cold temperatures & an abundance of snow. When dealing with the snow, should you opt for shovelling vs. snow blowing vs. snow plowing? Read our article to help you decide which option is best for you. Snow Removal