Summer Lawncare Tips

Homeowners across the country take great pride in having a well-manicured and attractive lawn in the spring and summer months. Canadians are spending more time at home now and that means many of us are taking the time to hone our gardening and lawncare skills. All it takes is a little extra time and knowledge to have the beautiful, healthy, and green lawn of your dreams. 

Here are some useful summer lawncare tips to help get you started on your journey toward fresh healthy grass. 

Sharpen and Adjust Your Mower Blades to the Right Setting

Dull mower blades make it harder to cut your grass to the correct length to facilitate its healthy growth and survival. The more effort you have to put into cutting your grass, the more pressure you’re putting on the individual grass blades. This can severely damage the grass blades and prevent them from growing. 

Make sure you’re not cutting your grass too short. Adjust your lawnmower so that you’re only cutting your grass to about 2.5 to 3 inches in height. This will promote good grass health, deter insects from feeding off your grass, and prevent weeds from growing on your lawn. 

Feed Your Grass Well

Certain types of fertilizers and composts promote healthy growth for different types of grass, so it’s important to choose wisely. Find out what kind of grass you have before purchasing a fertilizer or compost. You can do this by bringing in a small sample to your local plant nursery or hiring a professional landscaper to maintain your lawn for you. 

Keep in mind that certain grass varieties require very specific chemical and nutrient compositions to not only survive, but thrive.

Remove Weeds, Insects, Diseased Plants, and Thatch

Invasive elements like weeds, harmful insects (pests), diseased plants, and thatch (loose organic matter) can cause a number of different problems for your lawn. They basically strip your lawn, trees, and other plants of essential nutrients they need to survive. It’s important to remove these elements from your lawn to promote healthy grass growth, preferably without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Pull weeds out by the root if possible and use natural insect repellents like lavender or lemon eucalyptus oil to get rid of pests. 

Lastly, remove diseased or dead plants and other lifeless organic matter that absorb vital nutrients your grass needs to live.

Avoid Over or Under Watering Your Grass

Simply put, overwatering your lawn can drown the grass blades and under watering it can dehydrate the grass roots, causing them to die off. Find a happy medium of watering your grass according to its variety and the frequency with which it rains in your area.

Aerate Compacted Soil

Use a sharp rake to aerate compacted soil once in a while. Aerating creates small holes or tunnels that allow the soil to breathe, absorb more oxygen from the air, and deliver more nutrients to your grass roots.

Hire Professional Landscapers to Maintain Your Lawn This Summer

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