Side walk snow removal for commercial property

Snow Removal Tips: How to Shovel Snow This Winter

Most Canadians would probably agree that aside from the frigid cold temperatures and constantly overcast skies, one of the worst things about winter is having to shovel heaps of snow and ice from your driveway or parking lot. Depending on the size of your commercial property and your physical health,

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Snow Removal

How to Avoid Common Snow Removal Mistakes This Winter

This winter is expected to bring some harsh weather conditions in Ontario, which will, unfortunately, leave a lot of people feeling helpless as they attempt to trudge their way through the heavy snowfalls. Those who are ill-equipped to handle these weather conditions and effectively remove snow from their properties could

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De-Icing Salt: How Does It Impact Your Property?

Winter in Canada can be brutal with all of the ice, snow, and sleet that blankets commercial roadways and residential properties. As a commercial or residential property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your property is completely operational and safe to use at all times, especially in the dead

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